Thursday, February 19, 2009

Giving a cat a bath

Luka hates water with a passion... Well, she loves it when it's under her control and she hates it when she's being forced to get into it.

She loves drinking from the faucet and sometimes drinking toilet water (which I try to dissuade her from doing), and in the summer time, she's OK with us spraying her with the garden hose and giving her a bath that way.

This winter, we tried to trick her into jumping into the water with 'da bird'--her favorite toy. It didn't work out so well... Take a look.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Chillin'

Why do cats have to look so adorable when they are resting? But touch them once, and they'll bite you.

This is how Luka is. When she's tired, she just looks so darn cute that I just want to hold her and give her lots of kisses...

This photo is my favorite. It's the "I love you, Mommy" pic... so I am going to fall asleep on your lap. You can't move anywhere while I sleep here... You are all mine!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nap Time!

I first saw this photo as a piece of flair on Facebook. It was so adorable... In the summer time, my cat Luka sleeps on her back like this. I think she secretly was a human. It's only in the winter that she sleeps in a little ball like other kittens in the world.

This one is just precious; I had to share!

"Leave me alone Mommy! Time for my cat nap!" 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cute Video of 6-year-old and a kitten book

I can't find a way to imbed this video, but this is seriously the cutest video I have ever seen. It's not of cats, but it's a six year old girl who is "reading" a book about kittens and narrating.

I'll end on a cute photo of Luka so you can have your cute fix! This is Luka in her Christmas outfit! Isn't she adorable?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mama and Luka Lu

Thanks for visiting "That's Cats"--a cat luver's blog! I'll be mostly posting photos and videos of cute cats that I come across. Occassionally, you'll hear all about my black kitten, Luka Lu. I look forward to hearing from you!

Introducing... Foxy Luka Lu... Who goes by her first middle name, Luka!

She's all black kitten, with two spots of white (under her chin and on her belly). I adopted her from the Metro Animal Control in June of 2008, when she was just under 2 months old.

My boyfriend, Cam, is a news photojournalist at the local Fox station in town. One day, he was at a stop light and saw a teeny-tiny kitten cross the road. Seconds later, she was gone from his sight. A few people waiting at a bus stop were signaling for him to stop. Guess where the kitten had gone?

She jumped into the wheel well of his car! Here she is peeking her little head out. (Do you see her cute little eyes?)

It took two policemen, my boyfriend Cam, and one  Animal Control specialist to get her out. She hissed at everyone--she was afraid and had never been around humans before.

But she was the cutest little thing and won everyone's hearts. Cam told me all about her on the phone, and I immediately wanted her. He got me on the top of the list, and I called Animal Control the next day to arrange to adopt her.

And now she is super big, and very, very cute. She is the most affectionate little cat ever. I think she has an identity crisis--sometimes she wishes she was a dog. She follows me everywhere, always wants attention, waits by the door until I come home. She's puurfect!